DYAQUA: an innovative company

Dyaqua designs and produces innovative photovoltaic and LED lighting technologies that stand out for their perfect architectural and aesthetic integration.

Our story

Dyaqua was born more than 10 years ago as a small family-run company in the province of Vicenza when the founder Giovanni Battista Quagliato, making use of his previous knowledge in the electricity and plastics industries, invented the first Luminous Stone.

The first installations of Luminous Stone began in 2008.

In 2016, the first artisanal production of Invisible Solar photovoltaic roof tiles was launched.

Since 2017 Dyaqua has become a company owned by the Quagliato family.

Today Giovanni manages the company and the research and development sector, while production has passed under the control of his son Matteo, who takes care of every detail with passion. The commercial and administrative activities are organized by daughter Elisa, who also takes care of contact with customers.

From Design to Production

Our products, unique and innovative, require product development entirely within the company. The first step is always product design, then we move on to the development of the production method and arrive at the creation of the production line and therefore production.
This system allows us to create extremely innovative products from scratch while constantly keeping their quality under control.

Our activities are perpetually active in the research and development sector of new products, both for Invisible Solar photovoltaics and for Medea LED lights.

Green Aesthetic Philosophy

Our objective is to create functional and sustainable products, both from an ecological and aesthetic point of view. In fact, our products aim to respect the aesthetic character of the building or place in which they are installed.

This Green Aesthetic Philosophy is also applied to our production process: where possible we try to use materials coming from reuse and recycling so as not to waste precious resources and reduce waste.

Another very important point is that all our products are:

Recyclable: when heated above 600°C the resins transform into inert ash that can be reused to produce new Dyaqua products; the copper of the electrical connections melts and can be reused again; the natural loads separate from the rest and can be reused again.

Self-cleaning and depolluting: when the sun hits the surface of the module, through photocatalysis the dirt and pollution are transformed into inert salts which are swept away by rain and wind.

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