Frequently Asked Questions

Do you also provide system design and installation services?

No, we are not authorized to design and install photovoltaic systems. For these services it is necessary to contact technicians specialized in photovoltaic. If the technician in charge has any doubts, we are still available to provide him with all possible assistance to correctly install our products.

To install Invisible Solar photovoltaic modules, do I need to contact a technician with specific skills?

The installation of Dyaqua’s Invisible Solar photovoltaic modules is simple and can be carried out by any technician with common skills in photovoltaic systems.
However, we are always available to provide all the information necessary for correct installation.

Is it possible to ask for customizations?

No, Dyaqua Invisible Solar products cannot be customized. However, we are always engaged in Research and Development to offer new models to our customers.

Are Invisible Solar photovoltaic modules available on order only?

Yes, Dyaqua produces Invisible Solar photovoltaic modules on order only and there are waiting times before the supply is delivered. A rough estimate of production times is indicated in the quotes and calculated according to the availability of the production line at that time.

How long does it take to produce my order?

Production times depend on the availability of the production line. A rough estimate is provided in quotes using these two values:

Production starting esteem – Specifies approximately when the calculation of production times should begin if the estimate is confirmed within its validity;

Production times – Indicates how long it takes to process the order, starting from its confirmation and according to the production start estimate.

The supplies bigger than 3kWp are divided into batches with staggered deliveries over all production times. In this case, the quotation will indicate production times for each batch in a specific table.
Definitive production times will be estimated at the order.

Where can I buy Invisible Solar photovoltaic modules?

Invisible Solar photovoltaic modules can be purchased directly from Dyaqua.

Are samples avaliable?

Yes, the sample can be purchased. To proceed with the request you must fill out the appropriate form.
Once we have received the request, we will send our detailed offer, to be returned signed for acceptance if you intend to proceed with the purchase of the sample.

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