Rooftile PV

Item Number: IS001

Photovoltaic module shaped as architectural element, made of non-toxic and recyclable polymeric compound in which are embedded monocrystalline silicon cells.

Monolithic element that accurately reproduce the typical aesthetic of clay roof tiles. It can be installed on new or existing canal roof tiles (reversed), but also on plastic or metal roof sheets.

Thanks to its very specific and innovative aesthetic, Invisible Solar Rooftile perfectly integrates to the building context and allows to install photovoltaic systems inside historical town centres and heritage buildings.

Technical and economical information

Module specs

Dimensions46 x 19 x 15 x h 8 cm
Nominal power7,57 Wp
Weight1,00 kg
Maximum static load500 kg
Unit price43,40 euro taxes excluded

Sizing example

Nominal power1 kWp
Quantity of Invisible Solar modules134 modules
Installation area9 sqm
Price5.815,60 euro taxes excluded

Attention: real sizing can be different according to the installation conditions and must be calculated by a professional technician.

Main features


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